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The second instalment of our series exploring clothing embedded with all sorts of wonderful technical enhancements… how could we resist?

As I’m sure you all know, here at Don’t Panic we’re pretty big fans of style. Style is great. Fashion is great. Lusting after designer gear that we know we’ll never really be able to afford is great. We also love technology. Robots are cool. Gadgets are cool. Even nifty little smartphone apps that let us put cat faces on things are cool.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we get the chance to write about something as interesting as tech-clever clothing. After all, apparel that enhances your day-to-day with clever gizmos and wiring – while still looking fahbulous – really can’t be beat. Here are the latest sartorial must-haves from the world of tomorrow (brought to you today). Read the rest of this entry



Ever seen a poorly preserved penguin? A shittily stuffed seagull? Well, when Lisa Black does, she restores them with cogs and hinges to create some incredible mechanical animals.

You know how bad it looks when taxidermy goes wrong – but are any of us doing anything to improve it? Artist, sculptor, jeweller and self-professed animal lover Lisa Black is, with the creations of her ‘augmented’ animal cyborgs. Combining an interest in the animal kingdom with ideas of a future where technology and biology work together in synchronicity, her Fixed creations fuse taxidermied animals with mechanical components – provoking the viewer to examine their ideas on the word ‘natural’. Read the rest of this entry



With the Paralympics taking centre stage in London, we take a stylish look at prostheses. From mind-powered wheelchairs to 24-carat hearing aids, check out the most fashionable medical devices of the season. Read the rest of this entry