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Swedish-born designer Alex Mattsson moved to the UK in 2004, graduated from RCA in 2009 and has since been making a name for himself on the fashion scene with his futuristic ‘Alien Minimalist’ apparel. Poised to showcase his new A/W13 line at January’s London’s Collections: Men season in collaboration with Red Bull Catwalk Studios and rising hip-hop star Zebra Katz, we caught up with Alex for a chat about sci-fi, the coming apocalypse and what he thinks about the concept of extraterrestrial life… Read the rest of this entry



The second instalment of our series exploring clothing embedded with all sorts of wonderful technical enhancements… how could we resist?

As I’m sure you all know, here at Don’t Panic we’re pretty big fans of style. Style is great. Fashion is great. Lusting after designer gear that we know we’ll never really be able to afford is great. We also love technology. Robots are cool. Gadgets are cool. Even nifty little smartphone apps that let us put cat faces on things are cool.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we get the chance to write about something as interesting as tech-clever clothing. After all, apparel that enhances your day-to-day with clever gizmos and wiring – while still looking fahbulous – really can’t be beat. Here are the latest sartorial must-haves from the world of tomorrow (brought to you today). Read the rest of this entry



With the Paralympics taking centre stage in London, we take a stylish look at prostheses. From mind-powered wheelchairs to 24-carat hearing aids, check out the most fashionable medical devices of the season. Read the rest of this entry


Despite only having taken our shaky first steps into this year’s spring/summer season (thank you, British weather), fashion’s eyes are already looking ahead to A/W – and who better to whet your appetite for the upcoming warmer styles than Burberry, who have just revealed the new faces behind it’s A/W12 campaign.

Actress/model Gabriella Wilde (of The Three Musketeers and Doctor Who fame) and musician Roo Panes replace Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevigne as the chiselled-cheeked couple representing the brand. They join the star-studded line of good-looking British creatives that have gone before them in previous campaigns – including actors Emma Watson and Douglas Booth. Read the rest of this entry


It’s a fact: we’re all getting smarter – and so are our clothes. Find out how to really stand out in the crowd with our fabulous tech-embedded fashion tips.

We’ve all heard about making fashion work for you – but how about making it really work for you? These days, with phones, TVs and even microwaves now doing anything and everything but facilitating space travel for the everyday citizen (and hey, it might still happen), it’s time to suit up with the latest and greatest in designer technology, and get clever with your clothes. The future is now! Read the rest of this entry


We get under the thick, candy-coloured rubber skin of MEAT, one of London’s newest and most unique labels, and talk to its designer Boadicea Claridge about Barbie, Tumblr and having an epiphany in a fetish club.

Despite only starting up in February, and putting on its debut show last week, London-based label MEAT has already been gaining international attention, with Azealia Banks recently rocking a MEAT design in Elle USA. In a Don’t Panic exclusive, we catch up with designer Boadicea Claridge as she gives her first ever interview. Read the rest of this entry


Spring! Summer! No other two words in the fashion language conjure up such exciting images of pretty prints, mouth-watering colours and bikinis hot enough to set any beach scene sizzling. And yes, even though the good old British weather might not be holding up its end of the bargain just yet (as I write, there’s a full-on storm going on outside), that’s no reason not to be getting your S/S12 wardrobes into gear. So, here it is, my pick of the hottest trends this season! Read the rest of this entry



The Victorian era was responsible for some great looks. Just think though, how much better olden day people would’ve looked with a little bit more of a forward-thinking approach to technological accessories! After all, what says ‘swagger’ quite like the image of a dishevelled youth leaving the workhouse and pulling out a wooden-cased iPhone 4, or a 19th Century gent checking through the finer points of the Poor Law on his bronze Kindle? Read the rest of this entry