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Run by Vince Barile and Dana Hurwitz, NY-based label Bond Hardware make conceptual accessories with unique hardware detailing that’s both stylish and eco-friendly. Here, we chat to the pair about industrial design, postmodern luxe and evolving the brand – and they even give us an exclusive glimpse into the Bond Hardware world via Instagram. Read the rest of this entry


NYC-based club night TOP8 is “a place for friends”, where tweens, teens and not-so-teens relive their most colourful adolescent fantasies. With cosplay encouraged and dress-up expected, TOP8 is the place to stay young forever…

SS: How did TOP8 get started?

ER: Katy Perry inspired it – we wanted to live the ‘Teenage Dream’. TOP8 is the place to get caught smoking weed in the bathroom after kissing your first tranny. Read the rest of this entry


Green-haired DJ/producer Venus X is #HOTSTUFF in music right now. Founder of New York’s uber-cool underground club night, GHE20GOTH1K, she champions a HYBRID CULTURE attitude in life as well as her mixes. 2K12 is gonna be coming up green…

SS: Hey Venus! How’s it going?

VX: Very good! i’m in LA right now. I came out here to work with a vocalist but the stars didn’t align, and I ended up meeting a lot of great people, and taking some time to breathe and catch up. This year has been wild and I just had a crazy car accident, cops said I should have died in, so I’m just trying to make sense of it all, feels ominous. Read the rest of this entry


If your bod is in need of a serious boost, check out New York’s DJ Physical Therapy (also known as Daniel Fisher) – his mixes (sessions?) are all about bringing some much-needed bodily wellbeing into your life. Hey, it beats spin class… 

SS: Tell us about your idea of promoting bodily health through sound…

DF: There are two ‘music solutions’ that I try to provide. The first is active, high energy, high BPM DJ sets and mixes, for cardio workouts and ecstatic dancing. The second is stress-relieving deep house and other slow-grinds and grooves, for mediation and logging off. Read the rest of this entry


New York, New York. Whether or not we’ve actually set foot there, everybody has an archetypal image of ‘The Big Apple’ – be it a snow-shaker globe of towering skyscrapers and gridlocked yellow taxis, a blood-stained Patrick Bateman shopping in Bergdorf’s, or 40+ women sashaying down ‘sidewalks’ in haute couture. But New New York? What’s that?

‘New New York’ is SUPERSUPER!’s take on the collective spirit defining the most inspiring and creative innovative talent to have come out of the city over the last few years, leaving its star-spangled mark on every artistic field (from fashion to media to music). Names like stylist Jason Farrer, the TELFAR label, and newer entities like DIS magazine are part of an aesthetic community that is slowly but surely starting to grab the attention of the rest of the world, with their collective creative efforts distinguishing NYC’s first steps into the new cultural decade. Read the rest of this entry