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With his unique blend of scathing minimal beats and irresistibly dark lyrics, Brooklyn’s own Zebra Katz (aka Ojay Morgan) is an artist currently setting the worlds of hip-hop and fashion alight. Initially creating the Zebra Katz character as part of an art school performance piece, the rapper gained huge international recognition at Rick Owens’ A/W12 show in Paris, where Katz’s now-signature track ‘IMA READ’(later dubbed “the song of fashion week”) played on loop. Having since shared the stage with the likes of Diplo and Lana Del Rey, this is one personality we’re going to be keeping a very close eye on… Read the rest of this entry


When NYC-based DJ/producer/director LIL INTERNET isn’t working on his PURE NRG rave music, hanging with Gucci Mane or running Karma Loop TV, he’s producing remixes and directing videos for the likes of Kanye and Diplo. How does he find the time to do it all? We find out!

SS: Listening to your music makes me feel like I’m in ‘90s Ibiza wearing ten plastic whistles and a face full of neon paint. So… is rave back?

LI: For me, rave never left. I’ve been a raver since I was 13. I went to London with my parents and stumbled across Cyberdog, and it changed my life. I bought mixtapes and fell in love with a girl with purple cyber dreads and decided that THIS IS WHO I WANT TO BE. I’ve had very transcendent experiences at raves – maybe once a year I get THE FEELING, when your hair stands on end and REALITY MELTS, just for a second. Read the rest of this entry