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Along with fellow photographers David Bailey and Brian Duffy, Terry O’Neill’s images defined the Sixties era, and the last six decades have seen him shoot every star-studded name from Churchill and Brigitte Bardot to The Rolling Stones. We talk to Terry about his upcoming Reworked exhibition at London’s Rook & Raven gallery, and what it means to truly be an icon.

Your upcoming Reworked exhibition will see a range of contemporary artists reinterpret your work. What made you decide to go for the reworked format?

Working with Rook & Raven’s eclectic mix of contemporary artists really appealed to me; I love feeling excited about what young talent can do with my images. This project has given me a real buzz. It reminds me of the sixties, because there’s no reason or plan – it’s organic, interesting and not clichéd. It’s anarchic, which is what the sixties were all about.  Read the rest of this entry