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Even A-Listers have their limits. Read the rest of this entry


Truth time: repping your favourite brand all day doesn’t mean anything if you don’t carry it through all night as well. After all, labels aren’t just for flaunting in social or professional situations – they’re to be lived 24/7, 365/yr. You ain’t nobody unless you’re catching ZZZ’s in true #BRANDED style, so here’s our definitive guide to the best branded bed sheets out there. Read the rest of this entry



You know him, you love him – and so does the Internet. Maybe a little too much.

Ah, Nicolas Cage – one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. Sure, you may have hated films like National Treasure and Ghost Rider (or God forbid, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin), but you have to admit that he’s a pretty big name in the silver screen game. However, as big an A-Lister as he is, few could have predicted the dizzying heights his fame would eventually soar to – and we’re not talking about small details like his legions of fans, a wealth of box-office hits or even that Academy Award he won either. No, where Nick C truly reigns supreme is in the acclaimed world of cult Internet superstardom. Here’s to you, Nick; the face that launched 1,000 memes. Read the rest of this entry


Even if you’ve been only remotely plugged in to the waking world over the last year, you can’t have failed to notice the huge hype that Monster Energy has been getting lately. Read the rest of this entry



Creepy, unsettling and downright scary, we round up TV’s most frightening ad campaigns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Okay, so we all know the basic idea behind an advert – to persuade the viewer to buy whatever product that’s being featured, right? It can be done in a variety of different ways, from having famous faces plug the merchandise, as Pepsi often do, or a sickly-sweet emotional appeal, like any John Lewis advert ever, to using a really (REALLY) annoying catchy jingle, à la Go Compare or We Buy Any Car – you name it, it’s been done.

But perhaps the most effective method – at least in terms of really having an impact on your audience – is to scare the bejesus out of people. Forget scary costumes, haunted houses or horror films; this Halloween, we guarantee it’s these truly terrifying adverts that are going to be giving you nightmares. Read the rest of this entry



Because there’s someone out there for every horse-loving, nappy-wearing, zombie-obsessed weirdo.

Hi, my name’s Charlotte, and I’m currently single. Now, single life is great – the freedom, the ability to watch whatever you want on Netflix without fear of recrimination, the embarrassing hook-ups (hey, at least you get some good stories to tell the next day) – but recently, something has changed. I’ve started to notice the none-too-subtle advertisements Facebook is slipping me every time I log on. In fact, looking at my news feed RIGHT NOW, there are no fewer than two ads for dating sites; one telling me I can ‘Date a Sexy Fireman’, and another starting off with the appealing catchphrase, ‘Mates all got boyfriends?’

Tempting as ads like these are, it did make me wonder: if sites specifically targeted at dating firemen have become a ‘thing’, what other obscure concepts are floating around the Internet? So began my weird and wonderful journey into niche dating websites… Read the rest of this entry



From Gorbachev’s pizzas to Snoop Dogg’s microwaved snacks, you can bet at least one agent got fired after these ridiculous ads came out.

It’s been an exciting week for bizarre celebrity endorsements. First up was Brad Pitt’s much-hyped Chanel No.5 ad, and now it’s come to our attention that Mr Snoop Lion (neé Dogg) himself has appeared in a commercial for America’s cholesterol-tastic Hot Pocket brand. Of course, Snoop and Brad aren’t the first celebrities to ever lend their famous faces to strange product campaigns – and they certainly won’t be the last. Read the rest of this entry



From dirty tissues to kidney stones, here are the weirdest auctioned items ever to have come in contact with a star.

In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, we’ve probably all been a little guilty of the occasional bout of superfan behaviour. You might have an original ‘90s Ginger Spice autograph. Or perhaps you stole the coffee stirrer you saw Jude Law leave behind in Starbucks once. Maybe you were even lucky enough to queue for hours in the rain to see David Beckham launch his latest range of underpants.

Unsurprisingly, the savvy sellers of eBay have picked up on this trend, and have gone beyond sourcing your typical posters, DVDs and T-shirts to scour the deepest, darkest corners of famedom, bringing you the most sinister articles of celebrity memorabilia known to man. Authenticity (not) always guaranteed. Read the rest of this entry