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Up-and-coming menswear designer Joseph Turvey creates clothes that combine fun statement prints with traditional tailoring methods. Cutting his teeth interning for Louise Gray and Katie Eary, Joseph only graduated from his MA course at LCF last year, but he has already gained a pretty impressive hype in the industry, having shown two collections as part of Fashion East. Fresh from the success of presenting his new Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection at London’s second ever men’s fashion week, he catches up with LOGO to talk about waxed eyebrows, Raf Simons and designing for Cruella de Vil.

LOGO: You recently showed your Autumn/Winter 2013 collection at London Collections: Men. How was it presenting your work as part of Fashion East?

JT: It was amazing, I’ve always wanted to show with Fashion East – working with Lulu Kennedy and her awesome team was a great experience.

LOGO: What motivated the dalmatian theme when you were putting designs together? I get the impression Cruella de Vil would have bought up every piece…

JT: All my friends and family started getting puppies, and I was often puppy-sitting at my studio, so it seemed inevitable to take dogs as a starting point for my new collection. I started by looking at dog walking and drawing numerous breeds of dogs, then dalmatians took over… I got it into my head to create a Cruella de Vil gang. and it went from there.

Joseph Turvey AW13 1 at Fashion East Installations CREDIT REBECCA THOMAS

LOGO: Your designs often offer a fun dimension (statement prints, vivid colours etc), which is refreshing to see in an industry that often takes itself so seriously. Do you think that playful approach should be present in more menswear collections?

JT: I like to have fun when I design because it can be a very stressful business – I always say to myself, “It’s just clothes”, and I think that keeps me sane. Fashion should be fun on the surface and complicated when you dig a little deeper. Effortless complexity.

LOGO: Despite the fact that you only graduated your MA course last year, your designs have gained a lot of attention in the industry (and media) since. Having received so much hype so quickly, do you ever worry about sustaining that interest – or even peaking too soon?

JT: I try not to get caught up in the hype. I feel very lucky to have received such a positive reaction from the MA collection, but I will always try to improve every season. By setting my own goals and not worrying what everyone else things should sustain people’s interests… I hope.

Joseph Turvey AW13 2 at Fashion East Installations CREDIT REBECCA THOMAS

LOGO: You spent some time doing work experience with Katie Eary in the past.  What was it like to work with her? What did you take away from your time at the label?

JT: I loved working for Katie. She is a very strong character and extremely hard working. I always admired her use of print and colour, which is obviously something I take into consideration when I design. I was very happy to see she had her own on schedule show this season… loved it!!

LOGO: What sort of challenges do young up-and-coming designers such as yourself face right now, trying to build up a brand in the current economic climate? How do you feel about the future?

JT: It’s a very uncertain time to be starting a brand… I think the key is to surround yourself with the right people. I never like to think about the future – just take each day as it comes.


LOGO: What’s the ultimate fashion faux pas for men?

Waxed eyebrows.

LOGO:  What are you going to be wearing this summer?

JT: My wardrobe needs a serious update… I never have the time to shop. I would like to buy a pair of the Raf Simons for adidas trainers though.

11 Joe Turvey copy

LOGO: What kind of themes/styles can we expect to see in your Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

JT: I will always play with fabrications and prints; it’s what I enjoy most. The challenge is keeping it fresh every season, but I have a few ideas I’ve started to play around with.

LOGO: And finally – what are your ultimate plans for the Joseph Turvey label? How would you like to see the brand develop in the future?

JT: I would love to continue to show with Fashion East, and hopefully build a profitable brand.


Interview: Charlotte McManus


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