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Run by Vince Barile and Dana Hurwitz, NY-based label Bond Hardware make conceptual accessories with unique hardware detailing that’s both stylish and eco-friendly. Here, we chat to the pair about industrial design, postmodern luxe and evolving the brand – and they even give us an exclusive glimpse into the Bond Hardware world via Instagram.

LOGO: You work within a sustainable ethos, using found objects. What prompted you to go down this route – was it from purely environmental concerns or more that production costs are cheaper/you can create unique and individual pieces each time?

BOND HARDWARE: Our inaugural collection served as an introduction to the Bond Hardware concept – a brand built around inspirational hardware pieces, styled primary as an alternative to the necktie. We began our creative process repurposing hardware pieces – so the up-cycling production method was a natural fit. This repurposing method also allowed our pieces to be accessible for our customer, while we explored our options for being a socially responsible company.


LOGO: So do you think more designers should adopt an eco-friendly approach like this?

BOND: There are innumerable ways to incorporate social and environmental awareness into your design practices; every company should evaluate their own ethos and incorporate as much responsibility into their practices as they can. Now that Bond Hardware constructs custom components, we are sure to be fairtrade compliant – and only work with other fairtrade organisations.


LOGO: Where S/S13 felt like you were putting a cool twist on the everyday, for your A/W13 collection I got the sense that you’d really kind of matured the concept and were trying to mark your own brand aesthetic – is that a fair comment?

BOND: Yes – this transition was a natural evolution. After introducing our audience to our hardware silhouettes, we strived to reinterpret some of the key pieces from the first collection while adding more detailed pieces. Inspired by Vince’s namesake – Vince Lombardi, we also were inspired by materials such as extension chord, construction hats and seatbelt webbing – culminating in an elevated exploration of athleticwear and everyday materials.


LOGO: You’ve also expanded your design options, from collar pieces to necklaces, hats and harnesses – would you want to explore even more accessory styles at some point (or even apparel)?

BOND: Bond Hardware began designing based on a necktie – an iconic wardrobe piece that puts the finishing touch on the quintessential menswear uniform. This curatorial approach to fashion resonates with us as designers, and with our personal style. We plan to continue to expand on the accessories and statement pieces. Each season’s inspiration will dictate our designs – and we are open to being inspired without limitation.



LOGO: Your designs have a really industrial feel about them, love the toughness and edge they express – what kind of person do you imagine wearing your accessories, and what’s the ideal place to wear them in?

BOND: Living in New York as designers and having our studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the industrial environment is all around us and juxtaposes the entire aesthetic spectrum. We find our customer to be contemporary, confident and bold with the ability to command a room. We are our own customers, and we wear our pieces to the bodega, black tie events, bar mitzvahs, a corporate job and everywhere in-between. People who live in their full look, lust statement pieces and are hard for hardware – those are our people. Bond Hardware will continue to cater to our niche while striving to reach an ever-broadening customer.


LOGO: So tell us a bit about you guys – how did you end up working together, and what kind of mission/aesthetic statement did you have in mind when you started out?

BOND: Vince trained in graphic design, with experience as a set designer and birthed by a construction worker – hence his hardware background. Dana trained as a fashion designer, and grew up around fashion production. Our skills complement each other, as do our personal styles. Introduced in the back seat of a Honda Civic, Bond Hardware was born; we moved in together, and lived happily ever after. Hoarding hardware we found on the street lead us to the local hardware store, where we found the inspiration for our first collection. Sporting our pieces in and around the NYC downtown scene, our friends and foes wanted a piece of our work – Bond Hardware grew to meet demand, and we’re still growing.


LOGO: Bond Hardware pieces are made in two significant NYC locations – has the city and its history been influential factors behind your designs? As in, do you think they would have the same feel and resonance if they were manufactured in a different city/country?

BOND: Bond Hardware is definitely a product of our being native New Yorkers and our presence in the Brooklyn Navy Yard/Diamond District. The historical background leads us to encounter incredible heirloom networks of craftspeople and NYC production. Bond Hardware


LOGO: You’re still fairly new to the design game – what are the main challenges you’ve faced, in getting the label established?

BOND: We’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by generous contemporaries and mentors. It has been a challenge to keep up with the limited number of hours in a day – and finding ways to produce all the items we want to create!


LOGO: Having gotten two collections under your belt, what are your plans for the label in the future?

BOND: Bond Hardware is a concept driven company – we will continue to incorporate thematic inspirations and utilitarian materials in a postmodern luxe context. As designers, we both look forward to expressing the feminine and masculine sides of our personalities. Every season will show a new facet of Bond Hardware while expanding on our brand’s niche – stay tuned!


Interview: Charlotte McManus

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