Funny, stupid and instantly rebloggable, here are the top blogs making the rounds in the Tumblrverse right now. We do love a good Tumblr page here at Don’t Panic HQ (sorry Pinterest). Whether it’s rich kids showing off their inheritance on Instagram or Mo Farah running away from zombies, the instantly enjoyable, silly-but clever formats are guaranteed to get a good ‘LOL’ from your colleague/friend/dog, and if nothing else will make you popular for ten minutes in the office when you hit that ‘Send All’ button.

Check out the Tumblr pages currently rocking our e-world.

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

Okay, so you have a hot girlfriend, you’re feeling a bit kinky, and your webcam is like, just THERE, right? Why not make a hot homemade (and totally erotic) porn video to upload to YouPorn? Well, go ahead my friend, go ahead – but don’t expect everyone to be impressed. Least of all your cat. Warning: NSFW.

Totally Not ‘Shopped Pics From Mars

Hooraay! Curiosity landed on Mars! But what exactly is it getting up to up there? This ingenious page has exclusive first-hand (and completely legitimate) shots of the bot’s experiences directly from the Red Planet – and forget boring images of rock formations, what we’re seeing is out of this world…


Matchbook’s original concept pairs the dust jackets of famous books with colour-coordinated bathing suits. From a summery orange-and-yellow bikini for J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye to a cute cat face one-piece for Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, there’s a swimsuit to suit every literary fan. Take that, Kindle.

Rich Kids of Instagram

All right, so these kids might have flash cars, Olympic sized-pools, Cristal on tap and access to more moolah the likes of which you’ve only seen Scrooge McDuck throw around in cartoons. But, you know, they’re not happy. Probably. This Tumblr gives us mere mortals a glimpse into the shallow, luxurious emptiness of their rich, rich lives.

Mo Farah Running Away From Things

London 2012 might be over, but Olympic fever is still alive and well on the interwebs, so why not show support for Team GB than by visiting Mo Farah Running Away From Things? Using that famous image of the double gold-medal athlete winning the 5000m men’s final, you can see Mo running away from Voldemort, a Formula One crash, the Teletubbies… And you can even suggest your own Mo meme!

Accidental Chinese Hipsters

Casting a “loving gaze cast upon the grandmother wearing Day-Glo leggings and a visor”, Accidental Chinese Hipsters is a great cache of candid phone-snapped images of well-dressed Chinese hipsters that are so cool, they don’t even realise they’re cool. The blog also gives a welcome shout out to sartorially-sharp elderly folk – grandmas of the world, take note.

Written by Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for LOGO.ec and Trendstop.com Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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