London 2012 might be over – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some unsanctioned, un-LOCOG-approved Games-inspired street art.

Last night (after a lengthy ceremony and a few rounds of Emeli Sandé) saw the flame extinguished on 2012’s Olympic Games. Tears were shed, medals were won, and people bought a helluva lot of Big Macs – but what now? Surely we haven’t had enough Olympimania just yet? It can’t be OVER, just like that!

Never fear, we hear you. Here’s a selection of some of the finest street art to be inspired by London 2012.

Mau Mau

Painted by Mau Mau to “protest against the corporate takeover of the Olympics”, this piece depicts a tubby Ronald McDonalds-esque clown carrying a torch spewing plumes of black smoke, partly obscuring the heavily copyrighted image of the Olympic Rings. Despite Mau Mau obtaining permission from the wall’s owner, Ealing Council removed the mural within six days.

Teddy Baden

Now, as you might know we’re all really, really big fans of Mandeville here at Don’t Panic – and it looks like London based Teddy Baden thought he’d offer his own artistic tribute to the Olympic mascot. This charming stencil, ‘Going For Gold 2012’, appeared in several locations around London, including Brick Lane (pictured) and Hackney Wick.

Code FC

Having forgotten to buy tickets to any actual events himself, artist CodeFC is to have been inspired to create this sporty mural as his “way of taking part” in the Games.


Infamous street artist Banksy revealed two new pieces on his website in the run-up to the Olympics; one showing an athlete holding a javelin missile (potentially as a response to the security aircraft missiles stationed in the Capital, pictured at top), and the other depicting a pole vaulter soaring over a wire fence onto an abandoned mattress. The locations of the artworks were kept secret on the site, presumably to prevent their being whitewashed by authorities in the divisive Olympic cleanup.

Criminal Chalkist

‘100 Metre Dash’ was Criminal Chalkist’s artistic offering to London 2012, and shows a hooded thief stealing one of the Olympic Rings. There has been a bit of controversy surrounding the mural (use of the trademarked Olympic logo aside), with the image being mistakenly credited to other artists like Pure Evil and Banksy.

Mr Moustache

Mr Moustache’s Illuminati-inspired street art piece ‘The All-Seeing Olympics’ transforms the iconic Olympic rings into five coloured pyramids, complete with an ‘all-seeing eye’ in the centre. Conspiracy – OR THE TRUTH? We’re not sure, but after watching the Closing Ceremony last night, it’s a fairly safe bet that Jessie J is in on it…


UK artist Ronzo is known for his vibrant pigeon designs, and this ‘Olympic Bird’ mural is no exception. Taking a tongue-in-cheek attitude to the Games, the piece shows a bird carrying a rainbow-coloured torch and er, doing what birds typically do all over the Olympic Rings.


Continuing the toilet humour trend in decidedly anti-Olympics art, Loretto’s ‘Olympic Toilet’ mural shows an athlete diving headfirst into a lavatory, together with the tag ‘Welcome To London 2012’.

The Toaster Crew

Street art fans will have recognised art collective The Toaster Crew’s trademark orange toaster images peppered around London and the Underground – and will be pleased to know that the trio designed an image especially for the Games. Their ‘Faster, Higher, Toaster’ artwork puts the Crew’s unique spin on the Olympic logo.


Written by Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

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