Miniscule, teeny-weeny and all-round amazing, these little things are rocking our world in a big way (and it’s not often you’ll hear us say that).

Now, we’re not usually ones to make wild generalisations, but it’s a well-known fact that everybody in the entire world loves teeny-tiny things. That old ‘bigger is better’ philosophy is well and truly over; whether it’s nanotechnology, miniscule art pieces or even those little bottles of shampoo you get in hotels, we all know that when it comes to size, smaller is definitely superior (no laughing at the back). Get ready to narrow your horizons and shrink your perspective: here’s our definitive guide to the world’s most marvellous micros.

A Colloid Display

Forget the gargantuan screen at the IMAX; this ingenious Colloid Display has taken the prize for the world’s most impressive image display. Utilising the surface of colloid-infused bubbles as ultra-thin micro membranes (aka film), combined with ultrasonic vibrations, Japanese inventors Yoichi Ochiai, Alexis Oyama and Keisuke Toyoshima have created a squeaky-clean small screen like no other. You might need to invest in some seriously good glasses to watch The Dark Knight Rises on one though.

Big Appetites

Artist Christopher Boffoli recently released his Big Appetites series, comprised of photographs depicting minute human figures in real food environments, including a group of chefs working on some life-sized macaroons and a woman mowing a lemon rind (pictured). The concept behind the collection was to juxtapose our cultural fascination with micro objects with an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in regards to food.

Mini High-Rises 

With some clever application of printed paper, German street artist EVOL transforms everyday urban objects like electrical boxes into incredibly realistic miniature concrete block towers, complete with graffiti and satellite dish detail. Bet you looked twice…

Micro Sculptures 

Birmingham’s own Willard Wigan has become world famous for his micro sculpture creations. Starting his artistic endeavours at the tender age of five (when he used to make houses, shoes and even hats for ants), Wigan’s later creations are typically placed on pinheads or in the eye of a needle, and are so tiny that they need to be viewed through a microscope. Mike Tyson, Simon Cowell and even Prince Charles are all fans, and Wigan was recently asked to rework a miniature version of the Coronation Crown especially for the Diamond Jubilee.

World’s Smallest Horse

Well, it wouldn’t be a fully comprehensive list without at least one micro animal, right? Meet Einstein, who currently holds the title of the world’s smallest horse. New Hampshire’s pint-sized stallion stands at just 20 inches tall, and has generated so much media interest that he’s even appeared on Oprah. However, due to his miniscule size, he’s not allowed to interact with other horses, for fear of being trampled. Bless.

Miniature Food

Israeli artist Shay Aaron constructs incredibly detailed (and did we say cute?) miniature food sculptures at 1:12 scale, in addition to wearable ‘little treats’ you can buy on Etsy. From pizzas to salad to minutely crafted waffles, we imagine they must take an infinite amount of time and patience to make – but look delicious.


Written by Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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