Iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has made art history over the decades, with her conceptual sculptures, performance art, paintings and installations influencing everyone from Andy Warhol to Donald Judd.

And most recently, it seems, Marc Jacobs. The Louis Vuitton label, (of which Jacobs is creative director), has collaborated with the 83-year-old on new collection ‘Infinitely KUSAMA’.

Embodying Kusama’s colourful trademark spot patterns, the ready-to-wear collection includes dresses, skirts, oversized handbags and bow shoes, in bright yellows, reds, whites and blacks. For the brave, there’s also a fantastic monochrome short-sleeved spotted jumpsuit. All fun, all wearable – all very Kusama.

“The obsessive character and innocence of [Kusama’s] artwork touched me”, Marc Jacobs explained. “She succeeds in sharing her vision of the world with us.”

Kusama has long been known for her avid interest in fashion, having set up label Kusama Fashion Company Ltd and selling avant-garde designs in Bloomingdales back in the late ‘60s, eventually opening her own boutique. She also created artwork for six limited edition Lancôme lipglosses in 2009.

‘Infinitely KUSAMA’ will hit stores this July 10th.

Find more on Louis Vuitton here – and you can check out more about Yayoi Kusama’s art here.

Written by Charlotte McManus


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