It’s a fact: we’re all getting smarter – and so are our clothes. Find out how to really stand out in the crowd with our fabulous tech-embedded fashion tips.

We’ve all heard about making fashion work for you – but how about making it really work for you? These days, with phones, TVs and even microwaves now doing anything and everything but facilitating space travel for the everyday citizen (and hey, it might still happen), it’s time to suit up with the latest and greatest in designer technology, and get clever with your clothes. The future is now!

Interactive Fabrics

Witness the next step in touch-sensitive technology – and the Next Big Thing to hit your wardrobe. In their INTIMACY 2.0 collection, which explores the relationship between technology and intimacy, social design label Studio Roosegaarde have invented a unique type of smart opaque e-foil, which turns increasingly transparent as a result of social interaction and encounter. While ingenious, this might not be the best fabric to wear out on a first date. Or maybe it is. We won’t judge.

Light-Sensitive Dresses

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a film premiere or club opening, only to find that the paparazzi are distracted by bigger (but let’s face it, appallingly-dressed) celebrities. Time to work some tech-clever style savvy by nabbing yourself a ‘Paparazzi Lover’ dress. Designed by Ricardo O’Nascimento and Anbasja Blanken, and complete with 62 built-in LED lights, this dress lights up in response to being photographed – meaning you’ll never be out of the spotlight again.

Solar-Panelled Clothing

With eco-conscious clothing increasingly on the rise (and for good reason), what better way is there for you to look good and do some good at the same time than with solar-powered clothing? Researchers from Xiamen University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have reportedly developed a flexible, solar-sensitive cell that could potentially be woven into fabric, and Nicola Formichetti (the stylist behind Lady Gaga’s ker-azy outfits) is also said to have his own clothing and accessories brand in the works, which will include ‘digitally oriented’ solar-powered technology designed to charge the wearer’s phone.  Handy.

Gadget Jackets

In this cruel economy, with the price of (decent) clothes getting ever more expensive, your garms are going to have to start earning their keep if they want to get bought. For all you fashion-conscious music-loving guys out there, look no further than wearable technology menswear brand M_A_C_H_I_N_A: they’ve come up with a Midi Controller Jacket that can be hooked up to a smartphone or tablet, enabling you to create or mix music – and it can even be used in performances. Get there before Bieber does!

Data-Storing Accessories

After all, who really wants to lug an external hard drive around in their handbag? And USB sticks? So 2011. Russia’s own Art Lebedev Studio has designed a 4GB USB flash drive-cum-safety pin hybrid, meaning you can carry around all your important information whilst holding your clothes together at the same time. Word on the underground is that ‘flash drive-enabled cyberpunk’ will be a big look next season…


Written by Charlotte McManus


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Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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