Ever dreamed of wearing a GIF T-Shirt – IRL? How about a jumper that can ‘reblog’ images? Well, wearable technology is becoming a reality – the future is now! It’s time to cast your old (BORING) non-tech clothes aside, and get ready to make 2k12 style history with your very own future threadz!

Okay, so the phrase ‘wearable technology’ might initially conjure up images of clunky cyborg armour and hover boots, but trust us, there are now all sorts of ways being developed to give clothes that ultra-tech edge – as style meets science, smart garms are no longer a sci-fi nerd’s pipe dream!

If you’re a fan of standing out, why not dazzle the competition with cutting-edge LED couture – just as inventor Dave Forbes of Arizona, USA recently did with his own homemade ‘LED TV coat’ creation. Kitting out an ordinary white lab coat with LED panels, powered by a 12V battery, he stunned locals (and kept his kids entertained for hours!) by streaming episodes of The Simpsons through the fibres in full technicolour glory. (Mind you, it’s not cheap to look this flash – the coat cost upwards of $20, 000…)

Philips also developed LED clothing for their SKIN project, complete with two dresses lined with biometric sensors that ‘read’ the emotions of the wearer, transmitting the relevant colour to the LED-lit layer on the outside (probs not the best thing to wear around your secret crush…).

Additionally, designer Eri Matsui sparked interest at Japan’s last Fashion Week with her New Horizons of Sleep Research line, featuring uber-covetable LED dresses with space-age silhouettes. Even the slebs have been getting in on the light-up action, with bbz like Rihanna, Gaga and Kanye West all rocking LED outfits on stage!

Of course, a luminous look isn’t complete without that winning megawatt smile – just look to Japan, where girls have recently been storming the streets of Tokyo flashing LED grills (created by artists/designers Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi) – shiny, stylish AND smart? You’ll never want to close your mouth again!

If light-up clothes aren’t your thing, don’t despair – there are plenty of other ways to get your inner tech geek on. 3D Systems have recently brought out the world’s first consumable 3D printer, called ‘The Cube’, which allows you to ‘print’ your very own shoes in the comfort of your own home! Or why not experiment with smart fabrics? Eeonyx specialise in clever tech materials, with features ranging from pressure sensing to heat resistance to er, radar avoidance. If you’re feeling REALLY clever, why not get your (Dad’s) toolkit out and make your OWN electronic clothing (check out our ‘Get The Look’ section for more!)?

Whichever look you want to go with, make sure to make it smart, keep it stylish and GET TECHNICAL!



Cutecircuit – London-based wearable technology/interactive fashion brand

How to build your own electronic clothing

‘The Cube’ 3D printer

Eeonyx – your one-stop shop for clever clothes


Words: Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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