LA-based artist, musician and #seapunk sea queen Zombelle (aka Shan Beaste) is currently riding the wave of success following her recent Tropicult album release with Myrrh Ka Ba, we catch up with Shan in her #chill chatroom ‘The Rave Cave’ to find out more.

SS: Hey Shan! How are you?

SB: stealing Wi-Fi in mcdonalds, wearing a Grimace backpack… I DONT EVEN EAT MCDONALDS!

SB: this monochromatic 5 year old is staring. people in Utah act like they’ve never seen a seapunk before.

SS: You recently finished a US tour – how did it go?

SB: It went off! lots of pool parties. i was shocked at how much of our nightly audience was from the internet

SS: Is that unusual at your sets then?

SB: these people follow zombelle online, they watch my tumblr and twitter and facebook. so many kids came up to me like “THANK YOU FOR DEAR DIARY’ING YR TOUR! BEING HERE NOW I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME”. i remove the slash between URL/IRL and make shit happen.

SS: Tell us about the Tropicult album you’ve released recently with Myrrh Ka Ba.

SB: its very sexual, very dubby. dark but disharming, a summer album for your bedroom – #divein! the tropicult is basically all of us kids into chill vibes, ocean colors, palm trees…

SS: I loved that you opened up submissions for the album artwork online.

SB: i was really impressed by the submissions – very 2nd internet – gifs, great colors and seapunk everything

SS: What’s the 2nd Internet?

SB: the ravecave is 2nd internet. creating your own communities that exist outside of commercial ideals… things that no one sees… things that only exist within your network… FUTURE SHIT. that’s 2nd internet

SB: i dwell on the 4th internet, but people are learning the 2nd Internet and crossing over

SS: So what’s the 4th Internet?

SB: beautiful – GORGEOUS!!! i cant begin to explain it, 2nd internet is difficult enough

SB: 3rd internet coming soon. it’ll all start to make sense. trust

SS: Do you have any solo releases coming soon?

SB: I DO!!! there are a few comp tracks coming out, and I just started laying down some vox for an ADEPTUS track, POWWOWWOW hit me up about vox for one of his tracks, and Strange Powers sent a track last night…

SS: Why not make the first #seapunk music video?

SB: already in the works!


Interview: Charlotte McManus

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