Hailing from LA, TEARIST is an experimental duo like no other, with weird, sinister synths offset by the jarring sounds of frontwoman Yasmine Kittles ‘playing’ scraps of metal. We talk to Yasmine to find out just what it is that makes her tick…

SS: You recently released your first full-length album, Living: 2009 To Present. What have you been up to since?

YK: Recording a single, and we’re in the process of shooting a music video for ‘Headless’. A Blood Orange collaboration is in the works, plus a few we’re keeping our lips sealed about!

SS: Living has a really raw, gritty sound. Why choose to produce a collection of live recordings over a studio album?

YK: We made a name for ourselves at our live shows, so an album of live recordings made the most sense. Stripping it down and capturing everything was extremely important to our growth. Some songs weren’t even songs at that point, but we tried them live to see what the pressure would bring out of us.

SS: Is it true that you play pieces of actual metal on stage?

YK: I’m obsessed with the sound. It’s so specific – no piece sounds the same. I’m attracted to sounds that aren’t meant to be ‘music’.

SS: You describe TEARIST as a ‘movement’… planning a revolution any time soon?

YK: We began TEARIST as a movement. It represents us, and everything we do. TEARIST is the act of tearing, destroying everything we know and everything that came before us.

SS: So what’s the best thing about playing as a duo?

YK: We have to be fully trusting with one another. I throw some crazy, seriously disturbing sounds at Will – I did a weird Gremlin thing once – and he just throws something crazier at me.

SS: … and the worst?

YK: We’re both pretty hard-headed, and there’s no mediator. If we get into any sort of disagreement we have to battle it out… and I’m usually PMSing anyway.


Interview: Charlotte McManus


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