Signed to Warp Records, Sunless ’97 are a new London-based threesome (Alice, Edward and Matthew) who like making ambient pop. Check out their debut EP Making Waves – we bet these guys will be repping hard as your #soundsforsummer!

SS: Where does the name ‘Sunless 97’ come from?

S97: ‘Sunless’ is taken from the Chris Marker film.’1997’ meant Heaven’s Gate [a religious cult that had a mass suicide in 1997].

SS: You recently dropped your debut EP, Making Waves – what’s next?

S97: New songs, and planning our second residency show at this ex-terrorist bomb factory in NW London.

SS: How are you planning to ‘make waves’ in 2k12?  

SP7: Soundtrack a tsunami, or bomb-dive Lake Como. Bieber makes the waves for us – we’re all just little fish swimming within them.

SS: Kwes produced the record, right? You know how he has synaesthesia? When you listen to your music, what do you see?

S97: I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and for you, and I think to myself… what a wonderful world.

SS: Are you more of a live or studio act? 

S97: Live is the real deal – it’s nice to think we get something across, even if the sound isn’t perfect every time.

SS: What are you most excited about this year – the Olympics/Diamond Jubilee/the imminent destruction of all of mankind? 

S97: Seeing what happens after the Olympics – the ghost town that will be!


Interview: Charlotte McManus


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