MUSIC: o F F Love Interview (SUPERSUPER! VOL 2 #004)

Distorting his voice, with his face shrouded in a trademark yin-yang scarf, o F F Love is the mysterious one-man act keeping everyone guessing. His new album Probably Love sees him pouring out minimal, heart-heavy R&B – #ESSENTIALLISTENING.

SS: You’ve just dropped your debut album, Probably Love. Is there a definitive concept behind the record?

OL: There is – it could almost be called ‘Obsessive Love’. The same theme comes back in all the songs.

SS: The video for ‘Close To U I’m Not’ was set in an ultrafan’s bedroom – would you ever want to have that kind of obsessive impact on your listeners? 

OL: Whenever I meet someone who says they like my music, I can’t really deal with it. If I knew someone liked it THAT much, I’d probably start running!

SS: You’ve mentioned before how you’re not prepared to show your face – why the commitment to anonymity? (How do we know o F F isn’t really five different people…?)

OF: It could be different people – who knows? Sometimes there are dancers, or guest backing vocals – but most of the time it’s just a one-man thing. It’s very personal… that’s why I disguise my voice with effects, and why I don’t show my face. I’m trying to translate a feeling in the simplest way… but when I sing in front of people, I need that physical distance, I’m too much of an open book already. If I cry under my scarf, nobody can see.

SS: Your music gives the impression of coming from a really heartfelt emotional place. Do you think genuinely romantic concepts are dead in most music today?

OL: Not dead, but most of the time people are doing in a different way. I made the choice to be really direct, saying, “I miss you, I wanna be with you, I can’t be with you, it hurts”. I try to be as direct can while still calling it a song. At first I didn’t think that anyone else (well, maybe just one person) would hear the songs.


Interview: Charlotte McManus

Photography:  Marko Righo


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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