This LA-based production duo turned 1999 R&B jam ‘The Boy is Mine’ (Brandy and Monica) into an angelic continuous harp epic on their appropriately titled Perfect Lullaby mixtape. Now back with a brooding, dark mystery inside the dance tracks of their latest release Timesup, Nguzunguzu reveal the secret behind stripper music, and how to ward off evil water spirits.

SS: Where does the name ‘NGUZUNGUZU’ come from? Exotic…

DP: The Solomon Islands. We’re water themed!

AM: It’s a figurehead that wards off evil water spirits, usually put at the front of a canoe when going to hunt. We like the phonetics. NGUZUNGUZU – looks good, don’t it?

SS: You’ve just released your new EP, Timesup. How does it compare with your past releases?

DP:  More chimes. This is our first release we’ve put out with remixes and they’re next level. Scarier, more dramatic.

AM: Yes! DRAMA. More in line with our themes: SAD/SEXY/SCARY!

SS: Why those themes in particular?

DP: Scary keeps you on edge and sad keeps you emotional.

AM: It’s not always about 4×4 happy synths and Chris Brown calling you beautiful. We live life and are struggling and come to dance the pain away.

SS: You don’t ever see yourselves doing a 180 and making happy-happy nu-pop?

AM: Probably not. We’re just attracted to that eerie, scary sound. Suspense is so hot. A lot of stripper songs are kinda scary, or sad, or devotional.

SS: Okay, so you’re championing the ‘lapdance’ genre then?

AM: Haha no, I wish a stripper would! Lapdance is a GREAT genre title!


Interview: Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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