MUSIC: LOL Boys Interview (SUPERSUPER! VOL 1 #23)

LOL Boys (a.k.a. Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia) have LOLed their way to Internet infamy with their eye-watering website-cum-.gif explosion and percussive-heavy remixes for names like Para One and Crystal Fighters. Here, they discuss their love for Dance Mania, and the invention of Hiber House…

SS: Hey Boys, why the LOL?

JP: We make our tracks by sending parts back and forth over the Internet, so we thought the web-specific “LOL” would be appropriate. Plus, we love fun…

SS: How did you guys first start out?

MG: We met on a message board about two years ago, and decided to start working together.

JP: We were both really into dance mania and new sounds coming out of the post-electro place. There was a new direction coming, and we were obsessed with the possibilities for dance music. Our sound is a natural progression of that.

SS: How would you describe your sound?

MG: Really loosely based around house music.

JP: It’s constantly evolving… a lot of our remixes have been very percussive-orientated, but we have some upcoming originals that are more down-tempo – listening music to get you through the winter.

SS: Like hibernation music?

JP: Hiber house!

SS: You’ve done remixes for some pretty big names. Are there any acts out there that you’d like to remix one of YOUR tracks?

JP: Swedish House Mafia, or Canblaster – he makes club banger sound-collages; it’s the best shit ever.

SS: Where’s the best place to hear your music?

JP: Sweaty, grimy basement parties, with the DJs playing on the same level as the dance floor.

MG: Or chilling with someone you fancy in the bedroom.

SS: I’m seeing a whole new genre… Hiber-Sexy House.

JP: Into it.

MG: Romantic house?

SS: What’s with all the .gifs on your website?

MG: In the digital world it’s harder for musicians to give fans something tangible – with us you get visuals together with our sound.

JP: I really like the nostalgia they bring to people. We want it to be clear that we are coming from a web background, and the generation that grew up with it.

SS: Your first EP 123 came out recently. What are you working on at the moment?

MG: Various remixes, and new original tunes. We like to have diversity in production because we’re inspired by so many different things… like, fabric, Second Life and the Anthropic Principle.

What’s next for LOL Boys?

JP: Continue to refine our production skills, and play as many shows as possible.


Interview: Charlotte McManus


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