Operating as both DJ Kingdom’s creative brainchild and Night Slugs’ sister label, record label/club night Fade To Mind already boasts names like Nguzunguzu and Total Freedom.

SS: So Kingdom, you’re obviously a well-established DJ in your own right… what prompted you to start your own label?

K: My friend DJ Prince William was asking me about it for a while. As time went on, it seemed more and more necessary – especially since we felt that Nguzunguzu’s incredible musical output needed a proper home – and we decided to start the label together. Prince thought of the name ‘Fade to Mind’ – it was his BBM status for a while, and just stuck.

SS: Tell us a bit about the ethos behind Fade To Mind.

K: Fade to Mind is a record label and multi-city club night centred around artists and producers with unique interpretations of club music. Although we will be releasing music from around the world, there is a particularly American nature to the project – an independent-minded, diverse and emotional musical experience. We wanted to posse up and put a name to the movement that was already bubbling under.

SS: In the press release FTM is described as “an injection of the personal back into contemporary club music”. Do you reckon the personal aspect is something that is generally lacking in club music today?

K: Over the years, many of us have collected instruments and samples that have led to us having a special set of sounds to work with. It’s music to bump in the clubs – and jeeps – but it’s also music that tells stories of the people who make it, and how they feel. We’make music that makes you Fade to Mind – soulful and emotional bass, experimental house, singular subwoofer visions, sideways club trax and dark-sided R&B dubs.

SS: FTM is also dubbed “the next generation of American club music and more”. Don’t tease us now – what else will there be??

K: We won’t just be releasing club music, and not just from America – that’s just the framework. We’ll also be releasing music by composer Fatima al-Qadiri, and creating limited edition gear, objects and printed matter that expand the visual side of the Fade to Mind universe. And although Fade to Mind is also a club night, we won’t just be putting on small raves – we’ll be experimenting with format, rearranging the DJs, performers, locations and atmospheres of the nights.

SS: Go on – tell us what other acts you’re planning to sign!

K: Nguzunguzu, MikeQ, Total Freedom, Gremino, Kingdom, Cedaa, Clicks & Whistles, Rizzla, Fatima Al Qadiri, and more…

SS: Teasing again! So what makes Fade To Mind stand out from other club music labels?

K: It’s similar to the Night Slugs label in that many of the artists are longstanding friends and collaborators, not just people pulled out of thin air or the Internet. Many of us are also visual artists, so the aesthetic is an important part the label. [Night Slugs co-founder] Bok Bok and I have art directed the label thus far, giving a different look to most labels.

Kingdom with Nguzunguzu

SS: Speaking of Night Slugs, I see that Fade To Mind is set to operate as its sister label. How did that come about?

K: I’ve been friends with Bok Bok since 2007, and I played their second ever club night in 2008, so I’ve watched him and L-Vis build the night – and then the label – from the ground up. Seeing them do it, I knew that it could happen in America too. To tie the two labels together, Bok Bok designed our logo and the layout template for the cover – and then we designed the cover collage and logo colourways in a totally different way than Bok Bok would.

SS: So where do you plan to take this (music label) alliance between the UK and US? What will it mean for club music in the future?

K: Everyone, everywhere will get to hear both of our rosters play in different combinations – more and more in more different places, as time goes on.

Interview: Charlotte McManus


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