Unpredictable and impossible to pin down, Diamond Black Hearted Boy [Chino Amobi IRL] is a one-man project who is dropping EPs left right and centre, a 2012 full-length album in the works and a killer stage presence. Watch. This. Space. 

SS: What are you working on right now?

DBHB: A video for ‘Be Still’ and ‘Know’ off my latest EP, E. I have an EP coming out in October too, and I’m hoping to release a LUSH full-length album early 2012. I keep things open – I enjoy polymorphing, and not being tied to a static identity.

SS: Polymorphing?

DBHB: Some days I want to make a disco record, or intro music for cartoons, or music that sounds like a child doing heroin in the Congo. We’re inundated with so much news/images/voices competing for attention every day… I want to be a fluid fountain for all those sounds.

SS: On the flip side of that information overload, do you find it hard to compete for the attention of your listeners – what with resources like Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc being so easily accessible?

DBHB: I’ve been thinking about convenient consumption recently. If somebody wants something, they should work hard to get it. But, at the same time, I use samples that are SO EASY to get… there’s definitely a tension.

SS: So is that why you’re releasing free tracks so frequently, to keep on top of the pressure to work hard?

DBHB: My music has a sense of urgency I want to share it whilst it’s still alive.

SS: You’ve remixed M.I.A.’s track ‘Steppin’ Up’ – what other artists would you like to work with?

DBHB: Björk, Yoko Ono and PJ Harvey.

SS: You’ve been hailed as a real performance artist as well as a musician – what’s the average DBHB show like?

DBHB: I get pretty wild and have fun, whatever the venue, or whatever the vibe. I played a show in Michigan once and there were only three people there. They were SO ALIVE!

SS: Any bad live experiences?

DBHB: Sometimes, I’ll play in Richmond [Virginia] and be like, “Man, there’s only like, 50 people here. DON’T Y’ALL KNOW I SELL OUT SHOWS IN NEW YORK? DON’T Y’ALL KNOW I’M HUGE IN OSAKA?”

SS: What are your ultimate goals/aims/#dreamz with the DBHB project?

DBHB: I want to style/direct/perform a live opera! Also open up an international school of art and music… and ascend to higher levels of reality.


Interview: Charlotte McManus

Artwork: Diamond Black Hearted Boy


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Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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