Combining a love of music with a punk DIY/B-movie horror aesthetic, Mishka NYC is a brand that’s getting streetwear lovers everywhere talking. Whether it’s stocking lines by Mad Decent or running their own successful record label, co-founders Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera pride themselves on Mishka’s eclectic accessibility. 

SS: What was the original concept behind Mishka NYC?

MNYC: We were bored of our 9-5 existence, and decided to take a chance pursuing something we were passionate about, to fill a gap we saw in streetwear. At the time it was very hip-hop centric, and we wanted to infuse some punk DIY and B-movie horror gore – Satanic Street Steez.

SS: Mishka is pretty heavily affiliated with music [stocking lines by record labels like Mad Decent and MNWKA Records, in addition to running a blog and record label]. How has that influenced the brand?

MNYC: Music is the lifeblood of the brand – our taste will forever be entwined with our collections. Right now I’m really enjoying the resurgence of underground hip-hop, and the whole #seapunk movement too.

SS: We LOVE the Psychic TV line you stock… how did that involvement come about?

MNYC: Genesis is a huge inspiration. We reached out and had a few meetings, and it naturally sprouted. It was a big surprise for our fans, but also something different to what you usually see when a streetwear brand collaborates with a band.

SS: So what influences you when you pick out outside lines for the store?

MNYC: How widely accessible it is, and if we think our customers would gravitate towards it – and if we would wear it!

SS: Would you say that Mishka appeals to a certain type of customer?

MNYC: We’ve spent the brand’s life pushing eclecticism, and it really shows in how eclectic our customer is. You’ll find Mishka fans anywhere – from horror conventions to huge raves.

SS: Is it true you opened your flagship Brooklyn store on Friday 13th – on purpose?

MNYC: Yes. We needed to set a firm date, and there was a Friday the13th coming up – it was a fitting day to officially open.

SS: You’ve also opened stores in LA and Tokyo – where are you planning to conquer next?

MNYC: The interwebz. We’re having a lot of fun building the blog and record label aspect of the brand, and just following our own drummer.


Interview: Charlotte McManus


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