Meet the people who’ll change your playlists, wardrobes and more in 2012…

(The following is my contribution to the feature)


Name: Tabor Robak

Who is he? 2K11 has certainly been a busy year for Tabor Robak! Specialising in animation, illustration and motion design, the NYC-based artist has caught attention from all four corners of URL as one of the #HDBOYZ, the world’s first high-definition boy band (he also created all of the band’s #highdef visuals, together with art collective/video production superstars Thunder Horse Video). Check out his eye-explodingly amazing music video for Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Vatican Vibes’ too!

What can we expect in 2k12? A brand new downloadable project called Tunnels, which will be coded by [Angry Birds programmer] Marco Rapino, with sound design by Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell, from underground band Gatekeeper.

Tunnels is a free, interactive virtual environment that places the user in a series of tunnels, each depicting a vividly detailed sample of a themed environment – it will take us everywhere from a shattering ice cave, to a pristine corporate sky bridge, to a digipsych sushi bar. In 2012 I want to go bigger and Photoshop harder. I’m looking forward to wearing baggy clothes and playing all the newest videogames.”



Name: Gerlan Marcel – aka Gerlan Jeans

Who is she? Gerlan is a NY-based fashion designer who has made her mark on the fashion industry with her use of prints, colour, slime and understatedly hot models. Having only debuted her first runway show in 2009, she’s already designed prints for Jeremy Scott, the most epic pair of boots for Lil Wayne AND… even Beyonce wears her clothes (and the list goes on)! With her Mall Witch collection debuting at this NY Fashion Week S/S12, her designs are wearable yet intensely unique – and altogether SPECTACULAR.

What can we expect in 2k12? Keep your eyes peeled for A/W12 – Gerlan goes ‘back to school’ for fall!

“OMG! It’s going to be an exciting year in fashion… with the aliens scheduled to land anything is possible! I want to visit the Egyptian pyramids, meet Dolly Parton, design a collection for home interiors, collaborate with ESPIRIT, paint a street mural… my goal is to spread peace, love and global unity through print, colour and pattern. Gerlan Jeans flagship boutiques in malls across the galaxy!”



Name: Unicorn Kid

Who is he? 20-year-old Unicorn Kid is Oliver Sabin, a Scottish electronic pop prodigy who first galloped into public recognition at fifteen for his chiptune tracks. 2k11 saw Unicorn Kid’s sound evolve into the seamlessly produced, #SEAPUNK-tastic Tidal Rave EP, which proved to be a smash-hit both URL and IRL.

What can we expect in 2k12? His highly anticipated debut album, which will feature collaborations with the likes of Kele Okereke (Bloc Party) and Nick Littlemore (PNAU/Empire of the Sun) – IT CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH! Keep your fingers crossed for a worldwide tour too…

Having drummed up a massive hype with Tidal Rave, what kind of impact are you expecting to have with your upcoming album?

“The reaction I got from the EP was really unexpected – ‘True Love Fantasy’ in particular got a lot of Radio 1 support, so it really spurred me on with finishing the album. I’m aiming to expand on the image and aesthetic that I presented in Tidal Rave. The EP was kinda the first statement of my ‘reinvention’ – the record’s a lot more polished than anything I’ve done so far.”

You’ve mentioned the possibility of starting a separate ‘Chrome Dolphins’ project before – how’s that going? Did you ever start your Dolphin Boys gang?

“I’ve started producing some new stuff under the name ‘Stadium’, but that’s on hold until I get some time away from Unicorn Kid. Travis [Egedy, aka electronic artist Pictureplane] and me talked about doing something together, so maybe something will surface in the future from us. I was just gonna call my fanbase the ‘Dolphin Boys’, like Lady Gaga has her ‘Little Monsters’ – but like 60% of my fans are female, it wouldn’t be fair!”

Who else do you think is going to blow up next year?

“I don’t often focus on other artist’s careers, because it makes me feel self-conscious about my own – but Azealia Banks is a sure thing for next year. ASAP Rocky, Dot Rotten, Sneakbo… it’s hard to ignore the success of those guys.”

What do you think 2012 is going to bring for Unicorn Kid?

“I’ve been doing music as Unicorn Kid for about four years, and I definitely consider next year to be ‘make or break’. I wanna get bigger and bigger, and really break through – chart with the singles I’ve got planned, tour all round the world and build enough momentum to hit with an even bigger second album in 2013.”



Name: Elite Gymnastics

Who are they? The most exciting electronic act to come out of Midwest America since – well, EVER! Signed to Acephale (the same label housing names like SALEM, Pure X and CFCF), we’re expecting big things in 2k12… Check out page X for our full-length interview!

What can we expect from you in 2k12?

“Probably an album, but also special one-off tribute objects that will include music and art, inspired by things that are important to us – like Sarah McLachlan, and the movie La Haine.”

What other artists are going to blow up next year?

“We hope that 2012 is the year that everyone in North America goes, “OH SHIT – UNICORN KID!””

What will 2012 bring for Elite Gymnastics?

“We’d like to visit places we’ve read about, but have never actually seen, like Seoul, Monterrey, Montreal, Dublin, Tokyo, Manchester and Sydney. Or maybe go on some kind of cruise!”



Name: Maarten Van Der Horst

Who is he? Dutch-born designer Maarten Van Der Horst may only be a newbie in the fashion industry, but he’s already blowing the competition way, WAY out of the water. After training in the Netherlands, interning with Chloe in Paris and graduating from Central Saint Martins with a much talked about Bangkok-sex-tourist-meets-transvestite-inspired MA collection, Maarten showcased his S/S12 line on the uber-prestigious Fashion East catwalk this September. Big bold Hawaiian prints dominated the show, with smartly cropped shirts and shorts in hues like hot pink and blue – including chiffon bra and knickers detail ON THE OUTSIDE. Wow.

What can we expect in 2k12? A capsule collection with Topshop, which will be launching in January, as well as designs for the Fashion East label Lulu & Co – and maybe even furniture! Seriously, WOW.



Name: Marques Almeida

What is it? London-based womenswear label Marques Almeida is the oh-so-stylish brainchild of Portuguese designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. After graduating Fashion School in Portugal, they moved to London in 2009, where they cut their teeth at Vivienne Westwood/Anglomania (Marta) and Preen (Paulo), before starting graduating with a Fashion MA at Central Saint Martins this year and taking on the industry together! They recently showcased their second ever collection at Fashion East S/S12, which took their signature raw, grungy approach to lightweight knits and frayed denim.

What can we expect in 2012? Exhibiting such an exciting level of talent after only two collections, we can’t wait to see what Marques Almeida comes out with next season… Bring on A/W12!



Name: Matthew Miller

Who is he? RCA graduate Matthew Miller is a menswear designer with an eye for wearable experimentation. Having been showcased in Topman and Fashion East’s MAN show this season, his collections play with different shapes and silhouettes – his latest S/S12 line saw a futuristic style with an all-white look, as well as tailored suits carrying shocking neon details and an industrial refuse-sack coat.

What can we expect in 2012?

“I’m currently working on a few secret collabs and A/W12, which I’m mega excited about, as I’ve launched my own expedition as research. I’m also showing in Italy, Paris, London and New York, so I will certainly have to hit 2012 running… I’m excited about a few people – Trine Lindegaard Jensen, a fellow designer from the RCA, and I love illustrators Jean Jullien and Daniel Frost.”



Name: Jake Cooper

Who is he? Signed to Select Model Management, Jake Cooper is set to be #HOTSTUFF in 2k12 – and with his 6”1 ½ physique, razorblade cheekbones and oh-so-soft-looking hair (don’t you just wanna stroke it?), it’s easy to see why! He recently modelled for Burberry Prorsum’s autumn campaign (shot by Mario Testino), and has also walked for agnès b, Ports and Robert Geller this year.

What can we expect in 2k12?

“Expect to see lots of me in 2012! From the face of Burberry and beyond! I’m going to kick off 2012 with another killer show season in Paris and Milan.

Having just visited Japan for the first time, I’d like to do more travelling, as well as focusing more on my music and eventually going back to university.”


Words: Charlotte McManus


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