Shock Diamond is James Astronaut, an electronic artist from NYC who describes his #4UTUR1ST1C sound as “pre-apocalyptic cyber-lust – post-romantic <3throb”. Having remixed artists like Pictureplane and School of Seven Bells, what’s next for the Internet’s next cyber pin-up?

SS: Hey James! How’s it going?

JA: I’m here in the Mac store, pulling up pics on iPads of 3D babes and walking away. There’s a gang of school kids screaming. They’re dressed in yellow.  

SS: You recently released your first full-length, Made Me Cry. What kind of vibe were you were going for with it?

JA: I’m really into freestyle and HI NRG musik, and exploring different mediums of love. So, I tried to write songs that treated love as something you can share with human and non-human interface – like the Internet as a lover.

SS: What do you mean?

JA: The most intimate hours of our lives are spent lying in bed with our laptops/phones.

SS: Artists like you, Pictureplane and Teengirl Fantasy are getting people dropping terms like the ‘CyberBOY movement’. What’s your opinion on that?

JA: I AM A CYBERBOY. End statement. Using all available net sources to ascend into the digital immortal realm… Music is now a web phenomenon – it’s a whole new world, with a new fantastic POV.

SS: You made a mix called To Stir A Magick Decade [11:11 minutes mix of 200+ ‘90s pop songs]… why choose such an ambitious format?

JA: I was like, “YO – DONT FORGET ABOUT THESE ‘90S JAMS, ‘COS THEY WERE SYNCHED WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE INTERNET”! I wanted to remind you of Now That’s What I Call Music commercials.

SS: I love the hand-held DIY feel of your videos – but if you had a big pop budget to work with, what would it be like?

JA: Obvious hand-held video technology captures the personal experience.  With a big budget, I’d rent a bunch of [Cadillac] Escalades and go out to some club in New York, and just get cray…

SS: So if you could make a video with any artist out there, who would it be?

JA: Justiiiin Timberlaaaake. It would be a hot mess. We’d be swagging out, vibin’ – or maybe just chilling on a couch. Brushing our teeth together, riding a two-seater bike together, eating sushi in the park, riding on the swingset… just doing our thing.

SS: What’s coming up for you in 2012?

JA: A music video called ‘Emotional Waterfall’, inspired by Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’ video, and new songs and performances. I’m working on a cyber boyband too – it’s gonna change the world…

Interview: Charlotte McManus

Photography: Angelina Dreem


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