Founded by Ian Merchant in 2007, Black Acre Records is a label with some #SRS tree-dentials, championing some of the most exciting acts on the UK music scene right now – signings like Fantastic Mr Fox, Blue Daisy and Hyetal are leafing genre traps behind to branch out into new, unexplored styles of sound. It’s music to our ears…


SS: What makes Black Acre different from other labels?

IM: I wanted to make a GENUINELY artist-centred label/gang hut/orphanage, where like-minded lost souls congregate to create stuff. Commercial interests come second to the music.

SS: What kind of qualities do you look for when signing acts?

IM: Bravery, risk-taking, and an indescribable danger in their music.

SS: On Black Acre’s Facebook page it says, ‘Genre? There is no genre’. A lot of labels are rejecting genre specifications right now – why is this?

IM: We’re in an age of deconstruction. Genres were created to make selling music easier – the way we experience music now, through the Internet, means they’re becoming less relevant.

SS: What’s coming up for Black Acre in 2012?

IM: Hyetal’s second album, Blue Daisy’s incredible literary beat project, and a Fantastic Mr Fox EP – it WILL be a game-changer!



Manchester-based producer Fantastic Mr Fox (Stephen Gomberg) is known for his unusual, bass-tastic combinations of sound – and is a favourite of artists like Sinden and Bjork. 


SS: You’ve been working with Jamie XX recently, right?

SG: We’ve collaborated on a couple of tracks, but I’m concentrating on finishing my next EP at the moment.

SS: What’s the best thing about dance music right now?

SG: The continued blurring of lines between genres.

SS: What does Black Acre offer listeners that other labels don’t?

SG: Black Acre takes risks with non-dance floor orientated releases – they represent the excitement that comes with the speed at which electronic music is developing.



Memotone (William Yates) is a multi-instrumentalist/ producer who experiments with a staggering scope of influences, textures and styles in his music.

SS: What projects have you got coming up for 2012?

WY: My album. Expect something a little different!

SS: On your website, you say that your music expresses your ‘current focus on nostalgia, memory and ghosts’ – tell us more.

WY: I think of memory like a ghost. I’ve always been fascinated by sounds I recognise from long ago. It’s important to have something people can relate to, like a beat. Once you have their attention, you can lead them into unfamiliar places…

SS: What makes Black Acre stand out from other labels?

WTY: The diverse and forward-thinking sound – great artists have been given room to express themselves. 



Bristol’s own Hyetal (David Corney) is a master at creating layered, hugely atmospheric soundscapes – keep a lookout for his second album next year.

SS: You dropped your debut album Broadcast this May – what’s next?

DC: My next release for Black Acre. Sonically, it’s sounding pretty different to Broadcast – tighter spaces, and more raw and analogue.

SS: What are your live sets like?

DC: Exploring a range of different moods and atmosphere is important – the sets are different every time.

SS: What’s your opinion of electronic music right now?

DC: There’s some great electronic music being made that’s very difficult to classify. It’s a good time to be pushing new sounds.

SS: What’s the best thing about being signed to Black Acre?

DC: Black Acre has a really strong roster of artists. We’re all very difficult to pigeonhole. 



Fresh from the release of his debut LP, The Sunday Gift, North London’s Blue Daisy (aka Kwes Darko) makes music with an eerie, reverb-heavy edge.

SS: You’ve been dropping hints about a dirrrrty new project – ‘Brain Activity (The Digital Conspiracy)’…

KD: You’ve got to wait for the end product – but, if by 2013, you see me deemed ‘The Demon Headmaster’ of my generation, just say I warned you…

SS: What’s it like being signed to Black Acre?

KD: It’s my home – a camp that understands the true meaning of art. You could be the next American Idol, but if you approach Ian with a record he doesn’t like, he ain’t signing it.


Interviews: Charlotte McManus


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