The Victorian era was responsible for some great looks. Just think though, how much better olden day people would’ve looked with a little bit more of a forward-thinking approach to technological accessories! After all, what says ‘swagger’ quite like the image of a dishevelled youth leaving the workhouse and pulling out a wooden-cased iPhone 4, or a 19th Century gent checking through the finer points of the Poor Law on his bronze Kindle? Thank God then for steampunk, a trend which re-imagines the ideas of Victorian authors like HG Wells as striking, up-to-the-minute style statements, and finally amends the oversights of times past! Once marginalized as a cult online movement, John Galliano and Christian Dior’s recent introduction of steampunk elements into their A/W10 collections proves it needn’t be a look for geeks and sepia-tinted Goths alone!


The more elaborate and overcomplicated an accessory is, the better – with eyewear, aspire to the ridiculously ornate, preferably with multiple lenses and/or twisted wire detail (remember Johnny Depp’s glasses in Sleepy Hollow? Killer!) Girls should go with corsets, and jewellery made of copper, brass or other weathered-looking metals. Failing that, a rusty set of old keys on a chain will do just fine for a necklace.


This one could run and run – just don’t blame us when the dirigible renaissance goes up in flames!



Ignore the cheesy grins of the models; this site has a huge range of steampunk clothes, outfits and accessories on offer, from cravats to pocket watches, to…bathing suits? Even better, they ship worldwide.


It’s the 12 Wonders of the Steampunk World! Ever wondered what steampunk headphones would look like? A steampunk vibrator? How about steampunk Pac-Man? Imagine no more, it’s all here…


Love the steampunk look? Bit strapped for cash? Miss the Blue Peter days of ‘here’s one I made earlier’? This site teaches you how to make your very own goggles!


If wearing the clothes just isn’t enough, this blog offers lots of ways to help give your home a steampunk makeover that Queen Victoria herself would be proud of.

Words: Charlotte McManus


About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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