Shiny new rap supergroup Dog Leather sees the collaboration between US artists DJ Dog Dick and Sewn Leather (aka Max Eisenberg and Griffin Pyn). With the impending release of their debut album Greezy Man and Stinky Man Meet Smutty Ranks on Tarantula Hill, prepare to have your ears melted by a smorgasbord of strange!

> How did you guys start working together?

ME: We’ve played a lot of solo shows and gone on tours with each other, and it was always an idea to work on music together – the rest just happened pretty naturally.

> What sorts of sounds have inspired the Dog Leather project?

GP: Early dub and reggae, definitely.

ME: A lot of popular music from the ‘90s, and fucked-up noise music… and romantic sound tracks.

> What, like Titanic?

ME: No! Well, yeah, like real moving, sentimental stuff that’s half bullshit and half pure human emotion.

> You filmed your video Troll Spray at a Renaissance fair (a period-themed outdoor festival in the US)… what was that like?

GP: It was the perfect place to shoot the video. There’s almost something fetishistic about a Renaissance fair…

ME: It fit the theme of the song – very rock, it’s about trolls, goblins, and acting out in Fairyland. You don’t just see medieval garb there – I saw this weird Robocop guy, but somehow he totally fit in.

> Its nice to see a video with a sense of humour youve got Anthony Kiedis running Under The Bridge through it and everything.

ME: You got to man up before you clown down.

> It feels like a lot of bands are really taking themselves seriously at the moment…

ME: I don’t subscribe to any fashion that doesn’t incorporate all aspects of existence. Having fun doesn’t mean rainbow rock and smiles and Mario Bros running around holding hands, it just means that you’re content to like, fucking do it – let go, be loose, be who you are.

> Whats in the future for Dog Leather?

GP: I hope we win an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony within the next five years.

ME: Yeah, I would like to literally brush shoulders with Brad Pitt… and Seinfeld!

Interview: Charlotte McManus


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