Trends, trends, trends. It seems like you can’t even turn your phone on these days (much less pick up a magazine – Tantrum have it on good authority that even Fly Fishing Weekly has its own Trends section now) without the latest and greatest in ‘WHAT’S HOT’ screaming back at you. What’s hip, what’s happening, what’s Alexa-Keira-Cheryl-Kate-Agness wearing this week?

Yawn. Sigh. Today’s trends are, well… so yesterday. It’s time to bin those floral prints and ‘70s flares that you’ve been stocking up on for spring/summer (so now? So over).  If you really want to be on top of what’s in vogue, take a look forward – into the future. But don’t panic, you don’t have to start building a homemade DeLorean just yet! Lucky for you, Tantrum has just gotten back from a star-spangled trip to LFW 2111, and we come bearing all the latest details about the trends of tomorrow…


Over the next century, the development of space travel will see shuttles and probes reaching deeper reaches of the universe than ever before. Of course, it won’t take long for the fashion world to catch on to all the latest offerings from the Final Frontier… space age couture is coming.

Inspired by the extraterrestrial, and brought to life with the latest in LCD technology, fashions will see such developments as sun spot print replacing the outdated leopard print (we loved Prada’s luminous sun spot trench coat) with icy-toned comet-tail scarves adding a cool accessory to any discerning future trend-setter’s outfit.

Of course, by then planet-hopping will seem no more glamorous than commuting on the tube – and you’ll have to work to make a statement amongst all of those drab neutral space shuttle shades. Space age couture is all about standing out (trust us, Jane Jetson got it so wrong with her purple colour-coordination and er, lack of shoes). For bonus style points, theme your outfit according to whichever celestial body you’re headed to next. Saturn girls, for instance, should favour a bronze palette and ring-inspired shapes, whereas Mars-bound ladies are sure to turn heads with fiery colours.

In addition, the progress of space travel will recover new and exciting materials procured from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, which soon filter down to your local Beauty department. Expect to see moon rock eye shadows in shades of silver, mushroom and cloud, meteorite face powders, and lip-glosses shimmering with crystallised stardust. In addition to looking chic and over-the-moon fabulous, space age makeup is 100% organic and cosmically environmentally friendly.


Taking inspiration from the progressive designers of today (e.g. Cassetteplaya, as a case in point) who are already experimenting with augmented reality clothing, by 2111 augmented reality jackets will be the perfect way to make a statement about yourself through your style AND your contact information. Embedded with electronic data that becomes visible when viewed through a digital lens (e.g. phones, cameras, computers), these pieces will be the way forward for any forward-thinking career girl.

By day, wear something smart, tailored and encrypted with your contact information, website links and portfolio. Colleagues and prospective employers could be just a digital snapshot away from your potential professional success! Tantrum fell in love with Viktor & Rolf’s elegant structured blazers and Alexander Wang’s fitted trenches – they catch any eye, digital or otherwise.

When night falls, many 2111-ers choose something slick and edgy (encoded with a phone number, or Future Facebook/Twitter links) to paint the town red in. Augmented reality biker jackets, sheer waistcoats and Martian fur gilets will all make the rounds in style hubs like London and New York. Warning: Undesirables can also see your AR details in social scenes, so be sure to know where your nearest bathroom/fire escapes are, lest you end up with some unsolicited texts the next day. Failing that, see to it that you only associate with attractive people.


Tired of saving up for months for the perfect statement handbag, only to have it upstaged by next season’s must-have version? Well, take heart in the fact that this cruel practice will soon be a thing of the past (in the future). Facilitated by the latest innovations in hologram-enabled ‘smart-fabric’ technology, fashion houses will release seasonal handbags (aka iBags) that periodically refresh themselves in the label’s latest colour and print, with the visual information being virtually downloaded directly into the fibres.

In addition to the most recent styles, owners can also purchase classic designs on the Internet, including the Fendi Baguette and the infamous Hermès Birkin. Like any piece of technological ingenuity, iBags won’t come cheap… but with the –extremely welcome – advantage that your handbag will never again fail to complement your outfit, we think it’s well worth forgoing a couple of months sans food.


Forget those ungainly, mushroom-coloured moonboot things that the 1950s predicted for the New Millennium – the shoes de jour of the future are heels, heels, heels. Wear them as tall as you dare; with the advancements of hover technology, previous concerns like rain, steps and uneven road surfaces are no longer a worry. Simply click your heels together to propel yourself a few inches off the ground, enabling you to manoeuvre tiresome obstacles with ease. We found them perfect for catching the Tube in rush hour and beating the crowds during Sale period.

Braver fashionistas will be drawn to innovative models like AW11’s popular recycled satellite metal boots and LED stilettos, with only the most audacious having the nerve to wear the McQueen label’s extraordinary invisible platforms (which produce the startling effect of literally walking on air!).


Adverts: like them or lump them, they’re everywhere. Having once been confined to the much more manageable mediums of magazines and computer screens, the ads of the future will be flying at us from every corner of cosmopolitan life, from shop windows to restaurants to passing buses. And we mean flying at you – with the majority of ads being digitalised, you’ll literally be walking down the street through a forest of walking, talking 3D hologram endorsements.

Luckily for the citizens of 2111, some smart alec came up with the novel idea of ad-blocker sunglasses, complete with tinted lenses that effectively shut out any pesky electronic promotions (and any attendant headaches). Simply slide on a pair and it’s blissful, organic viewing for your tired eyes, meaning you can go about your day in relative peace. As you might expect, ad-blocker shades come in any number of styles and colours – one bold look rocking 2111 was Prada’s wraparound overhead pair, smoothly obscuring the eyes and the top half of the head (for the ultimate UV protection) in a singular curved lens. Team with red lipstick and a patterned bikini to devastate the crowds on the beach.

So, now armed with your new knowledge of the Fashion of the Future, there should be no reason why you can’t conquer the trivial trends of today. There’s nothing left to do but take a deep breath, get out there and blow their minds wide open…

 Words: Charlotte McManus


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