Along with the likes of Pictureplane,  HOLLAGRAMZ (aka Ron Cole and Cory Brown) are an act currently riding the wave of #SRSLY good electronic/dance music coming out out of Denver, Colarado right now – but what’s coming up for the duo in 2k12? We find out. 

SS: Looking at the names of your songs (‘Galactic Leash’, ‘Magnet Flow’, ‘Void Moon’ etc), and the geometric aesthetic of your videos, it feels like you guys have a real affinity for science/physics – what’s the preoccupation?

H: It’s definitely not rooted in any kind of serious academia – it’s more of a fascination with mysticism and astrology. We’re both into esoterica, extra-terrestrials, psychedelic shamanism and unorthodox archaeology/history, and have an affinity with cosmic phenomena and synchronicity – that’s actually how we ended up working together, actually.

HOLLAGRAMZ – Galactic Leash from David Dohrmann on Vimeo.

SS: You’ve described yourselves as ‘DNSEMATICIANS’ and ‘Streampunks’ – tell us a bit more about that…

H: Ron came up with ‘DNSEMATICIAN’. It’s a more unique way to describe a DJ/producer. MUSIC IS MATH! ‘Streampunk’ is our reaction to the seapunk movement. We were raving in the Rocky Mountains with Shan Beaste (aka Zombelle – see our interview HERE), tripping some really good doses and joking around about the seapunk thing – we were at this campsite by a stream, watching hawks, chasing bulls in the forest, meditating in a meadow… We’re totally landlocked here in Denver, so we thought that ‘streampunk’ was a bit more fitting for us shitkickers.

SS: Along with artists like Pictureplane and Nyota, you guys are part of a scene of pretty exciting electronic music coming out of Denver at the moment. Why Denver for this kind of vibe, why now?

H: Denver has a mainly indie rock/Americana scene, which is really stale and boring. It’s exciting for us to be a part of the burgeoning electronic/dance scene happening in Denver… Pictureplane was obviously the spearhead, but there’s a multitude of people pushing forward-thinking dance music here – MC Sole, Narky Stares, Pictureplane, Flashlights, Peter Black, Musa, London Dungeon, Modern Witch, Real Magic, Greencarpetedstairs, Nyota… They’re all part of this, and we love them.

SS: You released a HOLLAGRAMZ Remixed album (which had names like Blissed Out and SHAMS remixing your work), and you’ve also mixed tracks by artists like Holy Other and Oneohtrix Point Never – who else would you like to work with?

H: In our dreams, we want Aaliyah (RIP) to be our vocalist. We love CREEP, and really want them to sing on our tracks, and we would also love to hear a Boddika remix of HOLLAGRAMZ – he’s one of our favourite producers working right now – and working in Brian Eno’s studio would be incredible! Playing shows or touring with the likes of Damu, Applescal or the Night Slugs crew is a total dream… Maybe an album produced by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) too?

SS: If there’s one thing you want to achieve with your music, it’s…?

H: To skirt the threshold of psychedelia, experimentation and danceability, and staying true to our own ideas and style. We want to make futuristic music that is informed by musical historical knowledge – make people dance really hard, then leave with a positive vibe. We love when a performance induces a spiritual state of mind.

HOLLAGRAMZ – Smoking Mirror from David Dohrmann on Vimeo.

SS: What’s going on in HOLLAGRAMZ’s world right now?

H: We’re starting a new monthly club night in Denver with our boys Pictureplane and London Dungeon called ‘Club Cold’. Its theme is all things cold and icey – literal frozen water, not the bling kind! Very elemental. We’re finishing a brand new track for this vinyl compilation that Pictureplane is putting together, and we’re also working on a couple of remixes, and working to get a better studio together.

SS: And what can we expect to see from you in 2k12?

H: A full-length? More remixes! More touring? Chilin’ with Quetzalcoatl?  Getting our throats slit by a reptilian politician’s claws? Who knows?

Words: Charlotte McManus


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