Over witch house/chillwave/ lo-fi/other? Fed up with trying to wear black in new and interesting ways? Then it’s high tide for a new style direction, and this season’s must-have look is ALL ABOUT THE SEA!!!

Starting out as a watery vision in a watery dream (no, not THAT kind of dream!), #seapunk has recently gained cult fame on the net (even Soulja Boy is getting involved via Ocean Gang) and has cast its anchor for fashion infamy!

Make a splash in psychedelic colours, tropical prints and blue, blue, BLUE (or more specifically, turquoise!) Get extra style points by going the whole hog and dying your hair turquoise with green dip-dye, and prepare for mankind’s imminent return to the ocean, when we’ll all be living UNDER THA SEA again.

Embrace your inner mermaid and see where the current takes you – why not turn that fishing net you got for your 14th birthday into a sea-worthy dress? New Age fairs are great places to plunder for booty – I mean, crystal/seashell jewellery – and your little sister’s dolphin-print pillowcase would make a great pair of seapunk shorts! If you’re REALLY keen, you can always take a trip to the beach and embrace nature’s bounty – just don’t be surprised if you get complaints about the smell coming off your new seaweed dreads…

STYLE REFERENCES – Waterworld, Ecco The Dolphin, mermaids, Malibu, your local Sea Life Centre, buried treasure, desert islands, the ocean at sunset.


  • Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba – Tropicult
  • Fireforeffect – ‘2 C Never Again’/Seapunk Mix Volume One
  • Fonzerelli ‘ Moonlight Party’
  • Jaytech – ‘ Pyramid (Dinka Mix)’
  • Unicorn Kid – Tidal Rave
  • Le1f – ‘Wet Werk’
  • Vertruda – ‘Night Highway’
  • York – ‘On The Beach’
  • P.O.S. – ‘Remember (Summer Sun)’
  • The Reflections – Dreamsurf: Ocean Waves for Relaxation
  • Anything that sounds good underwater


@LILINTERNET – DJ, producer, director and #seapunk visionary
@ultrademon – Musician, producer and creator of #seapunk record label Coral Records
@LILGOVERNMENT – Writer, stylist and co-founder of creative service agency CONTRA
@ZOMBELLE_ – LA-based artist, producer and blue-haired BABE
@ttteams – Sample artist/Internet sea king (check out page 90 for more!)
@unicornkid – Musician, composer and chiptune champion

Words: Charlotte McManus

Artwork: Kevin Heckart and Ultrademon

About Charlotte McManus

Editor for and Freelance writer - The Creator's Project, SUPERSUPER!, Don't Panic, FAULT, Flux, Who's Jack & more.

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